The European Union provides support to the real estate quality and risk rating program of a French consortium

The consortium made up of Real Quality Rating, Paris Dauphine University, PSL University Paris, and the CNRS (Natinal Center for Scientific Research) is among the 18 winners 2018 of the European Program supporting research, innovation and competitiveness (ERDF structural fund). Thus, the European Union and the Regional Council of Ile-de-France provide their official and financial support to this project of quality and risk rating of real estate assets in Europe. The objective of this program is to improve the efficiency of real estate markets, today characterized by a low level of information and objective knowledge on quality and risks of buildings.

This rating incorporates more than 50 levels of expected functionalities of an asset: efficiency of spaces and circulations, respect of the environment, connectivity, comfort, aesthetics, etc. Based on an algorithm modelling the assessment of a representative panel of market players, this project contributes to better decision making for the entire financial real estate ecosystem. It is notably: a tool for management and a communication support for investors, a tool for objectifying relocation decisions for users, and an instrument of attractiveness for public authorities.

“We are particularly proud of this support because French companies are rarely winners of this type of program. This institutional and financial support also significantly increases the chances that our rating system will become the European standard in the field, “explains Olivier M├Ęge, president of Real Quality Rating.

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