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Annual conference 2018

On October 1st, in the Raymond Aron room, RQR organised the presentation of the research programme by DRM’s Center for Real Estate Management. The main topic covered assets quality measurement, a.k.a. CIREQ (Collective Intelligence for Real Estate Quality).

Thanks to the collective intelligence and knowledge of the different players involved, this programme aims at solving multiple informational issues that are permeating real estate investment: market opacity, information asymmetry, and fregmantation will hence be greatly reduced thanks to the creation of a market driven quality ‘signal’. The programme is managed by the CNRS consortium, Dauphine and RQR. The consortium is financed by the BPI and the FEDER funds (EU).

The conference, joined by about 150 opinion leaders, was initiated by a welcome speech by Bruno Bouchard, followed by a presentation by Benoît Labat (valorizartion director at Société du Grand Paris SGP). We then presented our first results and opened a discussion with 5 specialists (investors, agents, experts, environment directors).
We concluded with the awards for the best assessors, individually or in teams, taken from a panel of 200 real estate professionals in Europe who have contributed to our modelisation campaign.


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